Sunday, May 9, 2010

From "Dog Puke"

“the underfunded cheese” respuesta to the First Evil
coke u sold u
nose wrapped in wedding dress & smashed with
milk-lubed brick
including leaving the chopping tongue to leak,

if milk actually one day beaten on by babymomma
actually is soya one day I pick up family men in barracks
on so if milk if actually one day beaten on Barack is soya
one day Nick Clegg said piss off
and he decided to set up shop with the socialists

roflmaopenly at the back with godfearing men if we back down pews
like world bank kaf*irs putting the “j*w” back in “bejewelled camps” does
anyone know what dagga means? [e.g. RO]
does anyone know what dag means? [e.g. LR]

you two should talk cuz I put the dag back in dagga I
install easter eggs in nuclear protocols, by my flows.
sell you dag contaminateds dagga in those little baggies
sell you charlie in noses smashed a trillion stanzas ago
um thanks
her ballot river

the toilets at the ball and
heart, slay the sombie rose
not playthings now but toys
sell you hoof in cobble sparks
u think you’re getting draw you’re

getting a vegbox of pants a viable idiot idiolect
eyeflawiform, y’re getting entoptic rope
yr Repeater Manson yr fold-in tear became
Trident subs staffed by Big Society volunteers that speed
is cut with syntax organised gollum, “Damitus” if

I so what if it sold u so what if it sold u & so what if u did if u did
f*cking frame the State
for what it did to Ian Tomlinsin &
milk would be beaten – as on the Ian,
& milk beaten on Amiri Baraka &

actually feint left, go on the car,
get on the car, fake okay u am calm cops
u’ll come down fake right go left • crowd
shrieks with its kids & parts & closes
like behind but too slow b/c the plainclothes

most primates can sustain 150 bonds I sustain four
my glock my god my mom and [e.g. LUKE ROBERTS] mollykettle
let’s not forget that proportional representation is hardly liberal democracy yet
even in its own terms generously interpreted [freestyle etc.]
I’ve fill britches in the living room getting them on
baton extent in spirit of defibrillation chill mint triage twitter lambing warm

upon the hill of comments
lately rather from rape skipping
“my worst arm ever was a” Clegg
I stitched it on in my Tory Laboratory
I’m a pennied Hawking

a little shaking red boy
taking teaching metal tapers
vicissitudes Tory ghosts
summer-defended cane
swarm the Ambridge

your bones are relics already
I blew to the docks in my own bubble guilty
my face at yr glory hole’s not plumbed in properly
to my body leaks your cum to grout tiles that otherwise
would have come loose straight gridded fly him norm sheets for ease of use

my cum on centrefold girls forms clothes
and changes their jobs like to NGO workers
you’re just normal wankers

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