Saturday, April 10, 2010

From "Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation"

Terms such as "sodomy," "bestiality," "unnatural act," or "crime against nature" should be avoided.  In the preliminary phases words such as "contact," "caress," and "connection" will serve to create an atmosphere conducive to frank discussion.  After admissions have been obtained the interrogator can shift gradually to a restatement of the nature of the occurrence in terms of explicit, anatomical detail [...] The pathic or passive party in a sodomy case is usually the more vulnerable of the suspects.  In many cases, particularly if he is not confirmed in the sex habit, he will be under the impression that he is relatively innocent by comparison with his partner.  As in dealing with the active party, the investigator should not impart by his reactions any sense of the gravity of the offense.  Expressions of shock or abhorrence in the initial stage of the interrogation may strengthen the suspect's resolve to remain silent [...]

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Four Poems by Joseph Walton

As many of you know, I was previously interested in pseudonyms and leftist ideology. However, my politics have gradually been changing, and it is time to stand up for what I believe in.

06 / 04 / 10

who could I be
calling at this hour? I #fastenDavid
ur brow 2 my stern ∙
make sail for
(not part of China
but down that way;
else let cherubs scatter
tillers like
sackful of scales!

07 / 04 / 10

& #unlikeLabour
& #bedswordfathers
Cameron’s someone
you can get in commodity form
/ or normal form
in chainmail
or in #specialcontextarmour ∙
i.e. contrails of motion lines
#incorn mirrored #in-
skies of tesselating coin &

06 / 04 / 10

Cameron thy piercing gaze
like twa princes
from a sackful of bright scales
like what Light herself
like twa princes ∙
twa princes checking in & soon
to be in the other’s arms
your wisdom
has put this scandal aside.

07 / 04 / 10

looter lifts paw
“I made this haggis on the premiss-,”
don’t the faggot inhale
the heathen schoolgirl hymen
curl apart
under hardness
Labour been in the bathroom
for about four hours,

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From "The Economic Structure of Intellectual Property Law"

By William M. Landes, Richard A. Posner, pp. 168-9.

An entirely different benefit of trademark protection derives from the incentives that such protection creates to invest resources not in maintaining quality but in inventing new words [...] or symbols or, less clearly, design features used as trademarks, such as the shape and color of the Perrier bottle or the shape of the Ferrari automobile; but for the moment we confine our attention to words. Trademarks improve the language in three ways. They increase the stock of names of things, thus economizing on communication and information costs in the ways just suggested. They create new generic words -- words that denote entire products, not just individual brands. "Aspirin," "brassiere," "cellophane," "escalator," "thermos," "yo-yo," "dry ice," and a number of other names of common goods were once trademarks -- and, whatever courts may say, "Kleenex," "Xerox," "Velcro," and "Rollerblades" are widely used to denote entire products as well as particular brands [...] Trademarks further enrich language by creating words or phrases that people value for their intrinsic pleasingness as well as their information value, such as "Pheremon" perfume and "Swan's Down" cake mix. A study in 1985 found that the frequency of brand names in best-selling American novels was increasing rapidly [...] with generic names achieving an impressive frequency of 160 generic names per 10,000 words [...]