Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Very great visit to Newcastle, like Nature's London, for "Crossing the Tyne" Barry MacSweeney memorial siege, courtesy of et al. Especially great: Tim Atkins and Jeff Hilson deconstructing the "lyric I" of Bromantic Egoism, finally meeting Posie Rider, and the early detection of what I think was a He-mangioma of Leeds poets, attached to The Spine. Check 'em out. I mean, we really ought to get them checked out.

UPDATE: Steve has set up a dead drop over at Openned & formally announced his intention to convert the event into a beam attack.  In my view, the Wormpo era ended around 2007/8, having achieved all it could achieve but without leaving a proper successor.  The last two or three years, we have all been wandering the wilderness, with no school or faction quite able to assert its dominance.  Nobody knew how to do the Wickerpo which seemed to be Wormpo's logical heir.  People are bored of Buffyverse and Stipulativerse, Pragmaticspo keeps reverting to theatre, Aminalpo tries to reach something on a high leaf and *OOF!* collapses, the usual suspects bang on that Bollardpo's time has finally come, there are Griefpo revivalists and even a few Fuzzpo revivalists, bless them and cover their ears.  Somehow things have now changed, and it really seems the momentum is with Beam Attackpo.  Which is why I find the introductions to these anthologies so puzzling.