Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day Policy Document

This exposure draft poem mainly relates to career structure; teaching will be minimally affected.  Consultation period closes 15/01/10.

Executive Summary

The Flexibility Agenda. Tackling over-specialisation, making English Literature more relevant to the contemporary knowledge industry.

The Glorious Literature Agenda. Achieving the right balance between theory and literature, to correct the socio-political bias of current teaching practices.

The Streamlining Agenda. Reducing redundancy within English and across disciplines, to leverage the most out of our people.

The Access Agenda. Allowing distance and part-time learners to benefit from recent IT advances. Widening access to ensure the sustainability of our discipline.

The Choice Agenda. Tackling the stigma associated with third-party pedagogy providers. Empowering the student to fulfil learning objectives however he or she chooses.

Download the full document (Word).

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