Monday, December 21, 2009

We're now back on

We’re now back on. So moving onto the next question. On your little Post-it Notes, another little drawing for you guys actually. Can each one of you draw, now we’ve talked about the blog strategy, the strategy map in a little bit more detail, I want you to draw a face, a face, and on that face, put how the blog strategy makes you feel. Okay, just one face. That may be a smile, it may be a frown, it may be sad. Okay, and then I want you to very quickly talk it through to us, about why you’ve drawn what you’ve drawn. So how does the blog strategy make you feel? Lovely Marianne, Marianne’s face is indifferent, and Marianne actually the correct answer should be, it’s a smiley face. If you do take that on board as we do the next exercise. So, how does the blog strategy feel? Put how it makes you feel on a face. Justin’s drawn our infinitely long in one direction helix of butteryellow gauze, beginning in 1998, it’s now insouciant. That again Justin should be a smiley face. I’m only going to give you a couple of minutes. Jonny’s had a Business Seizure.

I wasn’t really sure how to draw ‘apprehensive’ so I’ve just put, wide eyes, tongue hanging out. I don’t know.

Mike’s drawn a, almost, would you call that a vacant face?

No I – well, that’s a doodled version. Well, I heard the question, which was basically, ‘Put your feeling about the new blog strategy onto a face.’ And I – I really don’t know. The only sort of thing I could think of is those sort of ancient statues, that you sort of see? It’s cross country or whatever, and you think, ‘What’s all that about?’

I can’t really draw!


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  1. Posie:
    Mine's a howl void with Dior no. 999. I've used my own lipstick for the lips.

    And what does this communicate about the blog?

    Oh, I don't care.