Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Silent Gilonis:

As regards versified vent, Harry Gilonis is a bit like Silent Bob from Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse, or the character Vinny Jones plays in the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds. When he puts something out there you sort of have to sit up:

"Crater 3; Acacia Feelings: The Collected Poems of Pao Ling-hui, from North Hills by Harry Gilonis, is now available for order. It contains 7 of HG's faithless translations, letterpressed and hand bound in a run of 170, available for £5 UK £6 outlands, p&p included. Confusing folding; no paperknife required. Here's the blab on PLh:

Pao Ling-hui was an early Sung dynasty poet. Younger sister of the male poet Pao Chao, she probably died circa 464 AD. 200 of his poems survive; her surviving 7 are collected in the later anthology New Songs from a Jade Terrace. Her works based on precursor poems have attracted particular praise."

No web site is given, so backchannel or leave a comment & I'll put you in touch.

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